Our team presents a wide range of services that we specialize in and provide to music artists efficiently and effectively. We are a highly skilled creative team of professionals who excel in various areas of the industry. We are goal-driven and dedicated to create for you, so you don’t have to.


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We are dedicated to give your song the visuals it needs to stand out and tell your story the right way.

You tell us what you need, WeKr3ate it. It’s that simple. With our proficiency in RnB, Pop, Alternative and Indie music, we can provide everything for your music needs.

Our team of creative professionals and professional songwriters can help you pen your ideas to paper and bring your song vision to life.

Every artist needs an image and our team of skilled photographers makes sure that they capture and portray the image you want to reflect.

Our team of photographers and videographers will make sure that none of your moments – on or off stage – go uncovered.

A logo is a unique identity, and our skillful graphic designers are driven to showcase your uniqueness in their work for you.

Our talented web team provides the efficiency to give you a web presence that represents your brand effectively, like no other.

Whether it’s more followers, or a better social presence, you set the goals and we will help you reach them with the help of our goal-oriented and target-focused marketing team.

Coaching for artists and their careers: Have a heart to heart with our team for all your questions and/or concerns about your music, your songs, and your career. WeKr3ate solutions too.

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– Social media management
– Started with 500 followers, TEFO now has 13k+
– His followers are a result of campaigns on FB, IG & YouTube
– Currently on YouTube, “Play Play” music video is at 40k+
– His subscribers from 30 to 700
*He’s gaining on average 100+ followers a day on IG