Today, there are thousands of podcasts on the internet floating around.  A lot of them are great, and some are in the category that many would consider “not-so-good.”  I’ve always been one to pay attention to why people listen to podcasts and keep listening to them consistently.  Don’t get me wrong – the entire podcast itself is a very important contributing factor.  The real truth is, it’s all in the music.  To be precise, it’s the theme song.  If you are a podcaster, it is also very important to get your podcast into the New and Noteworthy section on iTunes.  A Custom theme song can definitely put you quite a few steps ahead of the crowd.  If you want to reach the New and Noteworthy section, here’s why you’ll be better off with custom theme music for your podcast:

1. Professional From The Start

Okay – we have some bad news, and some good news.  

The bad news: Many people will decide whether or not they like your podcast within the first minute.  This isn’t a lot of time to get it right from the start.  This is one of the reasons why you should always avoid using copyrighted music that you find on the internet.  It can be dangerous and it does not look professional.  Always look into getting a custom theme song made for your podcast right from the start.

The good news: As soon as listeners hear your custom theme song for your podcast, they’ll be wowed by the idea of a custom theme song, and your podcast will look, feel and sound very professional from the start.  This is one of the easiest ways to draw in listeners from the beginning.  A custom theme song will bring your podcast from zero to one hundred very quickly.

2. Keep People Listening

A custom theme song for your podcast will maintain the interest of your listeners for the first 1-minute that listeners have to decide whether or not they like your podcast.  Here at WeKr3ate Media, we make sure to create music that engages listeners.  We always make sure to work with you to create music that sets up the feel for your show, and sets a good mood.  That way, when listeners hear your custom theme song, they know what’s coming next – a good time listening.  Theme music is super important for your podcast.  If you don’t have a custom theme song, all that’s left is some people chilling out and talking.  Add a custom theme song to that mix, and now you’ve got a podcast that people want to listen to.

3. More Exposure

If you’ve ever aspired to have your podcast be among some of the best recognized podcasts on the internet, you’ll contact us for some great custom theme music for your podcast.  Most people do not realize that using any music that is not custom within your podcast can be (and is usually) illegal, especially if you do not own the copyright.  The only way to legally have a theme song in your podcast is to either create one on your own or have one made custom for you from our music experts.  Once you have a catchy, custom theme song, your listeners will get the music stuck in their heads and they will be more likely to remember your podcast.  They will also be much more likely to share your podcast with their friends and recommend it to almost everyone they speak to, because let’s face it – who doesn’t like a good podcast?

Get your podcast closer to be in the New and Noteworthy section on iTunes, one step at a time.  Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can make you a catchy original theme song for your podcast.  Give us a call or text at 647-875-8179 (CAN) or 323-776-9843 (US) for more info.  Or, send us an email at  Happy podcasting !