Launching a podcast has never been an easier thing to do, especially in today’s DIY culture.  There are so many YouTube videos and online tutorials that will teach you how to start and launch your own podcast.  Consistency is the real challenge here.  Doing an episode every week, contacting guests for interviews, and coming up with new show ideas takes a lot of time.  It may prove to take up more time than expected.

This is where a podcast editor can be very helpful.  If you have a good editor, they can save you countless hours of time every week by handling the editing, and possibly other admin-related tasks.  If you’re looking for someone to help you with your podcast, there are a few important things you should look for in a podcast Editor, so you can be sure you make the right pick.

1. Do they Mix and Master?

This is an important part of being a podcast editor.  In the sound world, mixing and mastering can be divided up into two separate stages, between two separate parties.  This can cost more than your expected budget, depending on what the project requirements are.  In the podcast world, looking for an editor that both mixes your podcast (makes sure the audio levels are consistent) and masters (uses special plugins to make sure your podcast is loud enough, and sounds good) is a total money saver, and it is good practice.  If you have the right editor, they can do the job of editing, mixing, and mastering better and faster than you can.  The podcast editors here at WeKr3ate Media edit, mix, AND master your podcast.  We make sure that we are the go-to “one-stop shop” for all podcast hosts and producers.

2. Do they Tag the Files? 

Another important thing to look for in a podcast editor is whether or not they tag your podcast MP3 files.  And, no.  I’m not talking about playing internet tag.  This is especially important when your podcast is made available on iTunes or Spotify.  Listeners need to know the name of the episode, the host name, the episode number, and any other additional relevant information for listeners.  A good podcast editor will take care of this for you.  Here at WeKr3ate Media, our podcast editors make sure to tag your podcast files and optimize your podcast for distribution on iTunes and Spotify.

3. Do they Want to Make Your Project Better? 

The last and most important quality to look for in a podcast editor is their love for your project.  If you meet a podcast editor that isn’t passionate about helping you make your podcast the best it can be, then you’re looking in the wrong place.  The whole point of being a podcast editor – or any sound editor for that matter – involves taking a passion in the projects that come about, and genuinely taking an interest in making it the best it can be.  Our podcast editors always make sure to take good care of our valued clients, and we make sure to take a genuine interest in making your podcast sound better in terms of sound quality, production value, and overall effectiveness in reaching your audience’s ears.

Got a project that needs some love? Our sound editors would love to hear all about it.  Click here or give us a call or text at 647-875-8179 (CAN) or 323-776-9843 (US) for more info.  Or, send us an email at