1. They’re the DJ

The first thing people assume when they first see me at a soundboard is that I’m the DJ.  And of course, before I have to say, “Hey, I’m the sound tech,” I’m asked this question at every single bar gig: “Hey, are you the DJ?” Okay, there’s a few things wrong with that question.  But mainly – I’m standing at a sound board.  Do you see any turn tables around at all?  Didn’t think so.  … And no, the turntables are not hidden under my top hat.

2. They don’t do anything

Sound engineers are there to make your life easier, especially when it comes to the main thing they specialize in – sound.  Now, please do not get it confused; Sound Engineers are not there to serve food, drinks, or handle coat check.  They are there to ensure people’s ears stay intact, and everything technical is taken care of in a professional manner (i.e. sound system is setup properly, dynamic calibration of the room and system, proper equipment is used, music is switched off promptly before a speech or performance, etc.)

3. They Are Magicians

Another assumption people make about Live Sound Engineers is that if something sounds bad in real life (whether it is someone’s voice, or just a bad band), there is a magical “sound-good” button a Sound Engineer can press for the band to sound like hit radio, or for someone to have a golden radio voice.

This, of course, is not true.  There is no magical button, and Live Sound Engineers work very hard to ensure there is as much clarity as possible in a mix.  But – Sound Engineers cannot wave a magical wand to have a band instantly playing original radio-ready hits.  What we at WeKr3ate Media can do however is recommend and provide great bands and DJs for your event. Contact us here for more information.

4. They’re Always Grumpy

Okay – this is very subjective to the type of person you are.  Truth be told – there can be some quite grumpy engineers, but there are also lots of happy ones who love their jobs.

This comes with its own set of clauses; if you yell at the sound engineer with any of the above assumptions in mind, you may just have a grumpy sound engineer on your hands by the end of your event.  If you’re positive, polite, and understanding, the relationship with your sound engineer will go a much longer way.

Want to avoid making these embarrassing, unprofessional mistakes?  Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.  We provide Sound Engineers, bands, singers, and DJs.  Give us a call or text at 647-875-8179 for more info.  Or, send us an email at media@wekr3ate.com.