1. They Tell Stories

One of the main qualities to look for in an event photographer is their ability to tell stories through their work.  Storytelling, no matter what context, is an important part of event photography.  It is a photographer’s job to be able to tell a story through photos of your event.  If you’re having a launch event for your album, podcast, book, etc., it is important to be able to tell a story about what took place at your event.  It is also especially important to highlight key takeaways from your event that you want to be remembered.  That being said, it is also important for you to tell your photographer what kind of event photos you’re looking for and what emphasis you want on certain things that take place at your event.

2. They’re Quick and Decisive

It’s always a great skill for a photographer to be able to make quick decisions and think fast on the spot, especially when taking event photos.  When choosing the right event photographer, you should be aware of a photographer’s ability to make decisions.  That could include something as simple as suggesting a certain angle for the photos when discussing the type of shots to get at your event.  Decisions are important.  They need to be made – and fast.  Our photographers (link to contact page) can definitely help you out with that.

3. They Have Creative Flair

Creativity is one of those things that is subjective to the type of tastes you have.  It is important to choose a photographer that fits your style and your tastes.  It is also important to choose a photographer that is very adaptable in any situation and works hard to bring their creativity to life when trying to get the best possible shot. Creativity is important.  Sometimes the best and most creative photographers will bring out an aspect of your event that you may have never thought about.  Or maybe a creative shot that you may have never expected.  Always look for creative flair.  Most photographers have it, some more than others.

4. They Have an Energy to Them

If you’ve ever heard anyone say, “energy is contagious,” it’s all true.  The same goes for if someone smiles and you and you end up smiling back.  As we’ve all experienced, positive energy really is contagious.

This is why it is super important to choose a photographer that always has a positive attitude towards your event.  It is also important for that photographer to be positive towards you and towards what they do.  If they are enthusiastic, chances are they will yield great results for your event.

5. They Possess the Power of Patience

The old saying, “patience is a virtue” applies quite nicely here.  You should be paying attention to whether or not a photographer is patient with their work.  That means asking a few questions: does this photographer seem like they take pride in their craft?  Are these shots well framed?  Is their exposure compensation correct? Do the photos have the right ISO?

Okay – I know exactly what you’re thinking: “I know very little about cameras, so what the heck does all that mean?  Who should I be asking?!”

Well, the answer is quite simple actually.  Here at WeKr3ate Media, we can help you answer those questions while we help you choose the best photographer for your event.  We have a wealth of in-house photographers that have taken photos at concerts, launch events, corporate parties, film and television sets, and the list goes on.  Contact us here for more info.

Got a project that needs some love? Our team would love to hear all about it.  Give us a call or text at 647-875-8179 (CAN) or 323-776-9843 (US) for more info.  Or, send us an email at media@wekr3ate.com.