Our first ever Free Artist Photoshoot was a huge success all around. Graffiti alley was a perfect location to showcase the talent and personality, of all who came. Throughout the day we had countless laughs, new faces and, of course, great photos!

Three amazing artists made an appearance at our event; Sal Talon, Gabriel Vaillant, and Maria T. Working with these talented artists was an amazing experience, that had an even better outcome. Here are some highlights from the first ever Free Artist Photoshoot. We hope to see you there next time!

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  • SAL_13_July27-(1-of-1)
  • GABRIEL_3_July27-(1-of-1)
  • MARIA_25_July27-(1-of-1)
  • SAL_19
  • GABRIEL_9_July27-(1-of-1)
  • GABRIEL_19_July27-(1-of-1)
  • MARIA_20_July27-(1-of-1)
  • SAL_28_July27-(1-of-1)-3
  • MARIA_9_July27-(1-of-1)