Music Publishing

Making the complex music world more simple and rewarding for creators, labels and publishers.

At WKM Music Publishing, we believe that creators deserve better. That’s why we give you more control of your art, more transparency in your data, and more money for your work.

Earn more money, faster

Thanks to WKM technology, our royalty collection & reporting platform processes trillions of transactions around the world so that we can pay creators and publishers more money, faster, everyday.

Sync your music in more places

We work releases early to find opportunities to place your music in TV shows, advertisements, video games, films, movie trailers and more. With a network of sync and brand experts across the world, our team matches artists and writers with the right partners worldwide.

Find opportunities for your music

Our expert creative team works globally, covering every key market across the world. We work closely with WKM writers to find the best opportunities worldwide. We work collaboratively to pitch songs to artists, secure co-writes with other songwriters, provide leads and briefs for upcoming projects, and much more.

Maintain flexibility, freedom, and control

Our flexible contracts give you more control over your work— and your future. With no commitment to deliver a minimum number of songs, you’re free to make the artistic choices that are right for you.

Own Your Works
Retain 100% of your rights.

Stop Waiting
Flexible and convenient online advances.

No Strings Attached
No long-term lock-in, & no song commitments.

Powerful, transparent royalty reporting

Our publishing portal makes it easy track and manage all of your rights and royalties, including sales, downloads, and sync.

"It's our aim to build the future artists of tomorrow by mentoring, educating, & ensuring creators get paid fairly, one song at a time."

WKM, Head of Publishing

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