Spotify Playlist Pitching

$797.00 / Months

With our network of curators, your music will be pitched to genre-specific playlists for at least 30 days, on a monthly basis (projected average 10,000-80,000 net total exposure). This may be from different playlists or one playlist. Our team will listen carefully to your tracks and decide the best playlists to feature your tracks. Our playlist partners have over 1,000 playlists in the network and we accept all genres. Playlists range from 100 to 95,000 followers each, with loyal followers and listeners. Best choice for Spotify Growth, boosting monthly listeners & triggering algorithms (Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and more).


  • Monthly playlist pitching (with a goal of 50,000 plays minimum)
  • FB/IG/Spotify Ads running to promote your music
  • S4A Editorial pitch writing & submission
  • Weekly music review & consultation
  • Detailed Playlist placement report